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Fennel Oil- Essential Oils Review

 One thing that I am trying to get myself into is using essential oils inside my home. I have read and heard so much good things about them that I too wanted in on the action. We have several ailments that we suffer from in our home that if I can treat them without medications that would be wonderful. When I heard about what Fennel Oil could do to help out with IBS Symptoms and can help with monthly menstrual cramps, I had to try it out.

I received my Fennel Oil just yesterday but had to give it a try immediately. I used it for my IBS Symptoms and noticed this morning that my pain wasn’t there and I forgot to take my medicine this morning (happens more times than you know). I want to be on less medication and want to visit less doctors than I’m doing now and so this is a wonderful addition to our household! Now to find a treatment for my migraines without having to take all those medicines and we’ll be in good shape.

Did you know that Essential Oils are healthy for you and Fennel Oil can be used for so many other things besides the few things I mentioned? It can also be used for mental health which is so cool as well and many more things. It smells like black licorice which is not my favorite candy but this smell is quite nice! I was sent a bottle of Fennel Essential Oil – 100% Pure – Non-Toxic – No Additives – Unfiltered and Undiluted with No Fillers to try out. I have to say that I might use it for weight loss support since I have issues losing weight and this has become popular with those who are trying to lose weight or need additional support for it.

I highly recommend you checking this out for yourself if you are looking for digestive help, women’s reproductive system help or even weight loss help. This is your key to getting healthy without the use of medication! Plus you can get this at Simply Earth’s Amazon store! It is packaged in the USA in 15ml amber glass bottles, 50% more than standard 10ml bottles. Euro dropper cap included. 100% satisfied or your money back. We stand behind our products.

I was sent the bottle of Fennel Oil from Simply Earth for free as a review. All my opinions are my own. 

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