Hurricane soon?

I can’t believe that this weekend we could be facing a hurricane! It’s sad to say but I’m actually looking forward to it! I’m sad that my husband won’t be here with us to enjoy the hurricane if we do get hit by it but it will be OK. I’m looking forward to being able to watch the weather and the changing of the weather. I hope and pray that if we do get hit by the hurricane, that we do stay safe and my husband stays safe while on the road.

I hope and pray that also those who will be in the affected areas will be able to stay safe as well. While we are looking forward to having our hurricane party, the shelves at Walmart will be emptied and we will not have anything to eat. We have propane just in case we lose power and I pray that we don’t lose it for long because of all the meats we have stocked up in the freezer. First thing to eat would be the ice cream and Popsicle’s! Haha. God please have a watch over those in the path of this Category 3 Hurricane! We aren’t looking forward to anymore rain but we know it’s coming!

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