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We are Homeschooling…Again!!!

After we received the news from Olivia’s teachers at her school she was attending that they were holding her back, Jason and I started looking more into online schools, homeschooling and private schools. We weighed our options and we really looked into the private schools locally but the price for them are just plain crazy! We can’t just justify paying $700 a month compared to an online school through the state or homeschooling her again. We prayed hard on this decision and Jason and I both really made this hard decision but we have decided to homeschool her until she hits High School. Then we will make the decision if we want to continue to homeschool her or if we want to just to put her in private school then. But we both have made the decision to not put her back in public school again!! We felt like we were let down by the public school so we just can’t put her back into the school system again!!!

We have decided to choose the same curriculum we used back in 2013-2014 which is BJU Press. We loved it then and we decided that it was the right curriculum for Olivia again. We decided that we will get the whole kit instead of the separate kits and we are going to be doing Bible with her as well. She is also doing beginner band with a local homeschool group and she is going to be starting up with gymnastics. We are very proud of our little girl and how far she has come. Another thing we are adding on is we are doing Wordly Wise this year and several books and comprehensive guides to go along with them. Here is everything we are doing with Olivia this year:

BJU English 5
BJU Reading 5
BJU Spelling 5
BJU Heritage Studies 5
BJU Math 5
Teaching Textbooks Math 5
BJU Handwriting 5
BJU Science 6 (We decided to move her on up in Science since she loves science!)
BJU Bible Truths 5
Wordly Wise 3000 Grade 5 (Olivia did this in public school and she absolutely loved it! We decided to do it again!)
Beginning Band: Joyful Sounds Music Program Flute (She is following in my footsteps in playing the flute. We just went out and rented her own flute from Music & Arts)

As for the books we will be reading they are as follows:

The Witch of Blackbird Pond
Across The Wide & Lonesome Prairie
The Callender Papers
Little House on the Prairie
Soul Surfer
Bridge to Terabithia
The Face on the Milk Carton
The Return of the Indian
Where the Red Fern Grows
Tom Sawyer
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Those are just a few of the ones we will be reading. I am sure I will be finding more for her to read but she is so advanced in her reading that I’m not worried if it is a Middle or High School book. She should be able to comprehense it.

That is all that we are doing with Olivia this year. Next year we will look into Liberty University’s Homeschool program since she will be starting up with Middle School.


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