Fall is Coming!

I’m so happy that today has been such a nice day. It’s been feeling more and more like fall weather and I’m so happy that it has. I am so tired of the heat and would rather feel the 80’s than the 100’s with humidity. I am looking forward to our trip to Disney World this September and I feel like I have lost something though. It’s hard to explain it but it’s gone. Yep. No need to fret though because I’m going to still have a good time. I’ve also been busy with booking and doing quotes for Disney trips. I feel very blessed that I am able to do this and help those looking to make their dream vacations come true!

I’m looking forward to being able to take Olivia back to Disney next year and for us to hopefully try out the waterparks. She has never been one to do the waterparks but this year she told me she was ready for one. Yes! I feel like she is growing up too quickly on me and Jason.

What are you looking forward to this year? This fall? Winter?

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