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Dance or Gymnastics…that is the question?

Lately Olivia has been changing her mind in what sport or extra activity she wants to do next fall. She has been talking for years of doing gymnastics but after a few things happening at school she has decided to not do it and may make the decision to go back to doing dance. I can’t tell you how much this excites me because it only means that maybe I can get Olivia into doing the competitions as well. I think that she would be awesome at it and for the social activity then she would be getting her social activity here alone. I am only torn between which studio to put her in. We had her in Crystal’s Elite Dance Studio and honestly I enjoyed them teaching Olivia while we had her there. Then there is a new studio in town as well. So it’s going to be down to decision making time come the end of summer beginning of fall.

She told me that she really wants to do ballet, tap, clogging and hip hop so this might be a perfect activity for her to stay active and to stay busy. I am hoping and secretly praying that she picks dance so that I can be a dance mom again and I can show my support for dance! I loved dancing when I was younger and miss my days of competition and all that fun. So this would be an amazing way for her to enjoy herself and have fun and meet new people again!

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