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Goodwill Finds

One thing that me and my best friend love to do together is go Goodwill shopping! We both love to find neat things, good clothes for the girls and our husbands and even ourselves. We find things for the home and even housewares. Sometimes we may stumble upon those things that we will even question!!! But in general we love to go thrift store shopping and getting items for our families. That didn’t stop us this past weekend. While we were out of town we happened to find a goodwill store in the town we were at and we went in. We both were in a funk and decided to go shopping and why not thrift store shopping! Brings smiles to our faces.

While I didn’t get any clothes for myself of Olivia I did find a pair of jeans for Jason for work. He is always in need of jeans and this was no exception either. He is a truck driver and he doesn’t like taking his good jeans on the road with him praying he doesn’t get grease or nasty gunk all over them. So I am always on the hunt for jeans and pants for him there. I miss Tonya living up here because we used to throw the kids in the car and head up to Raleigh and go shopping there. Lots of good memories there. But while I was in the store I did happen to come across a Starbucks Coffee Mug that looked very familiar. I grabbed it and put it in the cart. It’s one of those “You are Here” Collection mugs and I found the Charlotte Mug which is perfect of course!! I also came across two Tupperware Small Eco Water Bottles for $1 each and new from Tupperware they are $6.50 each. So it’s a steal for me.

I keep my eyes open all the time and I am super excited about it. 🙂 Do you go thrift store shopping? What are some of the neat things you have found and gotten?

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