Happy 95th Birthday Grandma!

Today as I sit here and blog, I think about how special it is to still have my grandma around. I know that she won’t be here forever but it’s a blessing of how she is here today! Today is her birthday and she is now officially 95 years old! It’s amazing how she is able to still remember such great memories of her growing up and of how she and my granddad met and so forth. I love listening to her tell her stories even if I have heard them several times before. I know that those moments I will cherish forever when she is gone. There are still times I think of my granddad and when I was at the hospital visiting with him. I still have tears that come and flow down and yet I think of how lucky I was to have known such an amazing man!

My grandma has 3 beautiful grandchildren and now 3 beautiful great grandchildren. My brother’s son was born last Wednesday and it was a blessing for her to get to hold him and love on him. I know she won’t be around most likely when Jason and I have a little one but still getting to see the newest Kunkel member and it being a little boy is truly a blessing in our family.

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