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1st Year of Homeschool in Review

This year as being our 1st year of homeschooling hasn’t been the easiest yet it hasn’t been the hardest either. We’ve had our ups and downs as most homeschoolers have had I’m sure but we have enjoyed it. This past school year we used:

BJU 4th Grade English
BJU 4th Grade History
BJU 5th Grade Science
BJU 4th Grade Handwriting
Saxon 5/6 Math
Spectrum 4th Grade Vocabulary
Reading was Books from the Library, Used bookstore and books off of her bookshelf.

We also used worksheets found offline and we used different projects found on pinterest.

We enjoyed doing the BJU curriculum but I didn’t find it as structured as it was offered to us as. I did a lot of investigating before purchasing this series and decided it was right at the time but after completing it this year it is not for Olivia. She needs to have a more structured program and so we will be looking into doing Abeka for next school year. We have heard great things about Abeka and are going to weigh our options out on them or if there is another option for her. We also plan on finding several social activities that she can get involved in since we did not find them in this area and we are also planning on putting her into either gymnastics or dance again. She also will most likely do Upward Cheerleading this winter.

For those of you who do homeschool, what curriculum do you use or have you used and is it something your children enjoy? Is it structured enough for them?

Yesterday Olivia took her end of the year test and I’m sure did great. We chose to do the Woodcock Johnson III testing because it was one on one testing. We should get her test results back in about a week. Took about 90 minutes or so. But pretty much we have a 5th grader on our hands! I’m so proud of how hard she worked this school year and I look forward to working with her again next year and doing the field trips to the zoo, Marbles Museum, and more.

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