Janaury almost done…

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the middle of the month of January. I feel like since Christmas we have been battling sickness after sickness and it has finally left our house. The week of Christmas Olivia and I were both sick. She had an ear infection and I had bronchitis border lined pneumonia and a sinus infection. Then after I finished up with the meds I somehow got that awful stomach virus that lasted a good week and a half. One thing is I have lost a good 15lbs just by not being able to keep anything down. But I don’t wish it on my worst enemy at all.

Now that the sickness is gone it’s safe to say it’s time to start putting Christmas away, presents away and start cleaning the house. I can also put up here that my husband is leaving his job with Walgreen’s and is going back into driving. The only difference is he will be home every weekend which is great and he won’t have to work nights! I’m so excited about that too! He went today and talked with his boss and told him he was done with the job and he needed to look out for his family and his health. His poor blood pressure had been sky high for months and it was due to his job. So I’m so happy for him!

Now that he has a new job, we will not only be saving money as far as gas goes but we will also be spending more time together as well.

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