A Great Gift for All that has a Lifetime Guarantee!!!

I have begun a new blog just for my Tupperware business but I wanted to share these awesome deals that some end today! If you are looking for a Christmas gift that comes with a lifetime warranty then check out these few deals that we have going on at Tupperware. Plus if you order $99 or more you get free shipping!! Here are a few of the deals:




As you can tell there are some pretty neat deals going on now! Plus if you like Disney you will want to check out the Disney Canister’s for only $29.00 and let me say that I have them in my kitchen now and they are much larger than I thought they would be! Another great gift to get for either yourself or someone else who loves to bake is to get the Anti-Slip Pastry Mat! I have this one and love it!!!!

To order go to: http://www.my.tupperware.com/charlottestrickland

Thanks for listening readers!!!

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