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Disney Classics Box Set

As most of you know by now is that I’m a Disney freak! I love anything and everything to do with Disney, Walt Disney World and would love to visit Disneyland one day in my life. I want to share with you all a new box set that is coming out called “Disney Classics Box Set.” I need to get me the set so that I can listen to it on the way to Disney World whenever we decide to go next year. Plus I love to put it onto my iPod so that I can enjoy the songs in the car! This is something that I have never seen before but the box set includes 4 different CD’s: Timeless Classics, Modern Classics, Television Classics and Theme Park Classics.

Of course I want it for all of the classics but the Theme Park Classics seems like it would be awesome to blast in the car while at Disney World. I love the songs they play while at the Parks and on the buses and so why not bring those classics home for your listening enjoyment. Some of the songs they bring back memories that are on these CD’s are:

Modern Classics:

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride from Lilo and Stitch. I love this song because it’s always been really upbeat to me but brings back memories of us eating breakfast at ‘Ohana at the Polynesian on every vacation we have ever taken to Disney World. This is a breakfast that we love going to because it’s a family style buffet and plus they give you maraca’s to the kids to go dancing along with Lilo and Stitch themselves. Great songs!

Theme Park Classics:

Our favorite songs to listen to in the car would have to be: Soarin’, Splash Mountain Melady, O Canada (I butcher the french parts for sure), One Little Spark and Golden Dream. We love to listen to those songs because it reminds us of home at Disney World. On the days we would rather be there then at home, they really help us get through the days of missing Walt Disney World or WDW.

Timeless Classics:

One of the songs they really brings back memories on this CD would have to be “Lavendar Blue” from So Dear to My Heart. I remember watching this movie with my moms mom, Nana. We used to watch this classic over and over again. It brings back so many good memories from growing up. Then the other song that brings back memories would have to be “A Dream is a wish your heart makes” from Cinderella. I love that song because it’s true about a dream is a wish your heart makes because I had a dream to get engaged at Disney World and in April 2012 my dream came true. Oh the sweet memories there at Cinderella’s Castle for sure!

Television Classics:

I have several from the television classics CD. Just to name a few from growing up would have to be “The Gummi Bears Theme, Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers, and Duck Tales Theme.” I remember coming home and begging to watch them after school. My favorite would have to be The Gummi Bears. I always wished I could have bounced like they could but knew I couldn’t.

These 4 classic CD’s are just what many people need in their household music collection. It’s something that I would want to have for many years and never to get rid of. I could never get tired of listening to these classics ever!!! But then again being a Disney addict I don’t see how anyone could!

You can preorder this Box Set from Amazon Here and the Box Set comes out on November 12, 2013. What an awesome gift this would be to someone who is a Disney Addict just like me and my family? This would be a good music collection to have in your home for you and your kids. The suggested price of the box set is $49.98 but varies upon the retailer. The box set includes 4 CD’s with over 94 songs to bring back memories or make new ones. Plus if you purchase this box set it will come with a all new medley of Disney Classics done by Alex G and Peter Hollens sung Acapella and they have an awesome video to go along with it that you can view here:

Don’t forget to check out Walt Disney Music, Twitter and Facbook page!

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