Etsy Shop Is Up and Running!

I have finally decided to get my Etsy shop up and running and to no ones surprise it has to do with Disney! I have already sold one thing on there and have a few more things listed. I am currently working on a hat right now and not sure if I want it to be an owl hat or just a plain beanie with ear flaps. Still trying to figure that out. It seems that many people want these hats that I have been making and it feels good to be doing something that feels like I’m doing something to help my family out. My etsy shop is called “Crafty Diznee Mom” and I feel like I am helping out not only my family but me as well. I feel needed again and that is something that ever since losing my job last year I haven’t been able to get that back. Hopefully I will keep up with the good work and will continue to do well in the crafting business. Praying that it will all work out for us as a family. If you would like to get anything please feel free to go online and see what I have available! I will be posting things up there from time to time for you to be able to customize a hat or headband or something else once I get things going.

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