PGA Village Verano

Ah, A Golf Course for Jason!

Jason has always been into golf and me not so much. I really don’t know what I’m doing and I can say my family probably doesn’t want me to try to swing since the last time I tried I lost the club. Well I let go of it and it went flying out of my hand because I got excited I hit the ball. Never again will I do that. But Jason is a golf fanatic. He used to play golf in high school and was on their golf team. He even had dreams of playing pro but never did. I wonder how he would do now that he hasn’t played in several years. We both have been thinking of moving out of state in a few years like to South Carolina or even to Florida. I say Florida because it’s closer to Disney World. Hahaha. But anyways, if we did happen to move to FL we would check out Port St. Lucie, FL because not only is it close to the beach and our favorite place in the world, it has a beautiful golf community as well.

I have gone online and check out this wonderful community called PGA Village Verano and the homes look amazing! You can have your home built right there and I love having a home built because you can pick out everything from the paint colors to what you want in your kitchen. I want several things inside a new home and one being a big laundry room with lots of storage space. Plus I want my kitchen to be nice and big and have the two ovens on the wall. We had those when we lived in Maryland and loved it! Could cook more things that way when it was time for family gatherings.

The community has a lot of amenities to it as well from a club house to a pool to golf. I would want to get a golf cart for the house though so I could ride around the neighborhood in my golf cart. Hahaha. If we were to move here though I would never see Jason. Only when it was time to eat and go to bed. Other than that nope I wouldn’t see him. If you are thinking of relocating to Florida and you love to golf then check out this awesome community! You might get hooked too!

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