Cooking Madness at Home!

For the new year while I didn’t make a resolution except to be happy this year with my family and friends, I did want to start saving some money. December happened to be a very expensive month for us with the bills like the electric and the gas. But we want to save money to go on a nice vacation next year like maybe a Disney Cruise or a Disney World trip with my parents. We are refraining from going to Disney this year as much as we want to go Jason and I will both be in school full time and it might be a little difficult to pull it off. Plus we are wanting to start a family or at least try to start a family this year so while we could go to Disney this year we’d like to start a family instead. Good choice too for us since we can head to the beach for less than $1000 this year. Well like the title says so far it’s been a cooking madness at our house. We haven’t been eating out and we’ve been trying to save money by going to Sam’s Club and buying our meat in bulk.

Tonight for dinner I am making taco’s but instead of buying the soft taco’s we are going to be making them. Olivia is excited in making them at home too! Since we have everything we need here at the house and we are trying to save money we decided that we should make the flour tortilla’s at home. I found a super easy recipe on Pinterest and we are going to try it. I cannot wait to get started on it when we get home from getting Olivia at school. Saving money is harder than we thought but if we can do it then we can try to get our nice vacation next year or save money towards a family or paying off the car quicker.

What have you been doing to save money in your household either this year so far or last year? Let me know!

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