Test Day!

Today was the day of the test for my thyroid. I had to go to Valley Regional Imaging in Fayetteville and have it done. I thought it was going to be painless but unfortunately it was not for me. My left side has been the one that has been extremely large and has been causing pain and today was no different. The right side wasn’t bad at all. It was a little uncomfortable for me but honestly it didn’t bother me much. When she did my left side of course it brought tears to my eyes. I should have taken something to help with the pain and discomfort but didn’t think of it this morning. I only got about an hour or so of sleep last night. Once the test was done and over with we went home and I slept for another few hours before it was time to go get Olivia from school. She had a great day and she is feeling much better now. Yay!

Now comes time to wait for the test results. I should hear something by Monday and hoping for some kind of answers. Praying we get any kind of answer and solution on why this is so enlarged.

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