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Lately I’ve been blogging either a product review or an update on Olivia. But recently I’ve been going through a lot personally that I haven’t shared with many people. Olivia is healthy as can be which is great but as for me I’m a mess. I’ve been dealing with boughts of insomnia, severe fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, stiff joints, and more. Well last Wednesday I went to the Doctor for my physical since I’m on Jason’s insurance and it’s required that I have it done for our HSA account. Well after answering several questions I was able to get feedback on how I have been feeling for the past 6 years or more. I haven’t felt well at all and without insurance it was hard to get tested for anything and I didn’t qualify for help from the state. Well about a year ago when I went to an Urgent Care I was told my Thyroid Gland was enlarged and to have it checked out as soon as I get insurance. Well that was easier said than done at that point. I didn’t know when I would get insurance and so I waited to have it tested.

This past week when I went for the physical, I told them what the Dr in Rocky Mount had told me and she checked my Thyroid. My thyroid was very enlarged and even larger on the left side. She is very concerned that I have something wrong with my gland and it would explain all of the symptoms that I have been experiencing for the past 6 or more years. I have to go have more testing done on Friday which is an ultrasound to see what could be causing the enlargement of the gland. I’ve been researching it and it looks like it could be a Thyroid disorder which can be treated thankfully but I have to be patient and wait for the results.

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