Getting your Back Straight

I have to say that working for a chiropractor has it’s perks. The perks for me is getting an adjustment any time I need one and getting acupuncture as well. Both are very relaxing to me and I love it when I get adjusted because I can normally tell when it’s time to get adjusted. My lower back normally feels like it has a catch in it and then I know it’s time to get well adjusted. But there are several people that I know that don’t like going to chiropractors because it’s freaks them out. I know several people that went to a doctor and they chose to have some kind of back surgery laser treatment done. Both of my parents have had neck surgery before and the recovery time wasn’t a fast one. They both had to go to physical therapy as well to get to where they are now. My mom still sees a chiropractor to make her feel better and more in line. There are several things to do and this is one thing that I don’t want to do personally.

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