Best Acne Solutions

Many people who first meet me might right now think I’m suffering from acne but once they get to know me they will find out something different. I haven’t shared it that much with many people because I find it quite embarrassing actually. I mean have you ever known for a 29 year old to get a case of Shingles? I haven’t but I am sure it’s nothing new either. I was originally thinking it was an acne breakout and was looking for the best acne products to try to get rid of it. Only problem was it was getting worse and not better and was burning more than anything. Well I have to say that I’m sure glad I went to the doctors because now I am able to have it almost gone without much pain or burning sensation. It still itches at times and only when I get extremely stressed out so I know that it won’t matter to most but I sometimes have to hibernate to help get rid of them. The one thing that I got out of them was how to manage my stress in a better way especially with Olivia since she can be quite stressful at times. But I love her to the ends of the world.

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