New Year’s Eve!

This past Friday was New Year’s Eve. I didn’t have Olivia because I thought I was going to have other plans but instead I went with my Best Friend Tonya and we went and finished her register for her new addition that will be happening in April. She has already picked out unique baby shower invitations and we can’t wait for her baby shower. I’m going to be taking her maternity pictures too which I’m very excited over as well. I hope that she will be very happy with them when I’m finished.

Another thing that I did this weekend was decide if I was going to take a trip for my 30th birthday this year. I did decide and now I have to go get a passport and book a trip. I might stop by AAA on Monday at lunch time and talk to them about cruises and which ones would be the best to take. I’ve never been on a cruise before because last time I wanted to go with my sister was in 2003 and we were both under 25 and it was not recommended we go alone under that age. Well now I am officially turning 30 this year and so me and my best friend have decided to go on a trip. We’ve always talked about taking a big trip together but this year me and Kristen are going to do it. Yes! It’s going to be so much fun!!! I hope that all my readers have had a good New Year’s and hope that this year can be filled with joy and happiness in your lives!

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