BlueSky Scrubs

Working inside a medical office we are required to wear scrubs. I often find myself looking for other scrubs to wear at work and sometimes have not been successful finding the ones that I want. One day while searching online I found a really cool store that I can get medical scrubs and uniforms for a cheap price. While there are several uniform stores where I live their prices are normally very high and the only time I shop there are when they have major sales.

But finding deals online is always fun because I love a good sale and especially when I can find nursing scrub tops and so happy that they have different colors too. I absolutely love bright colors and sometimes it’s hard to find the right colors that won’t be too overbearing on my patients. I also love the fact that I can find medical uniforms stores online and can purchase online. So now that I am on the weight loss trip I’ve gotta find some scrubs that I can wear for work for a really good price. 🙂

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