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Living it Up…

I love living with my parents but there are times to where I would love to have a home of my own. I am currently trying to sell my other home that I had with my Ex-husband and I miss having the luxury of my own home. To do what I wanted, to sometimes even walk around with just a t-shirt on and just my underwear. But since I live with my parents I have to be respectful of their home and definitely not walking around with just a shirt and underwear on is not respectful at all. Sure it might be fine in my comfort of my bedroom but that’s just about it. Anyways, back on track here I wish that I could have a living room where I could have my living room set back including getting a new end table or two. I miss the living room set that I had and the awesome surround sound system that we had but that is definitely in the past now. I am back in school full time and work full time and so it’s quite difficult to be able to do both and to have my own place which I’m OK with right now. I’m very grateful that my parents are able to be able to help provide a home for both me and Olivia.

Well I have a very awesome surprise review coming up and it’s going to be awesome! I will be posting the review with you all in the next few weeks so stay tuned because it might just be what you are or have been looking for. 🙂 Stay Tuned…more to come later!

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