Lead Testing at Home

I have often wanted to get myself an old farm that has an old farm house. It’s something that I often dreamed about when I was younger and I even said that one day instead of it being a farmhouse to let it be a plantation instead. Those are absolutely beautiful but it might come at a cost for you. See a lot of the older homes have lead in the paint and else where and it might be hard to detect where it is. Well did you know that you can purchase lead test kits online? I think that’s a great thing to have because when you live in the south or anywhere really in an older home it’s most likely going to have lead paint in the home. Don’t you want to be safe with kids and make sure that they don’t ingest the paint to cause health issues or something worse like death. So why not keep your family safe if you live in an older home that would most likely have lead paint in it and test it out. I might save your children, your pets, and your entire family.

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