Greasy in Greece

Guest written by our friend Katie Callahan

Of all the places in the world, Athens, Greece is certainly a go-to destination for the adventurous, hopeless romantic, or anyone wanting to see one of the greatest wonders of the world! Of course this is what I heard one night while watching late-night direct tv, and it intrigued me. I mulled the idea around for about 6 months before the opportunity truly presented itself to travel to Athens.

A local group was going on a tour of Israel, Greece and Turkey. One of the members had paid, but suddenly came down sick and couldn’t go. I could go for a fraction of the cost, and finally fulfill my months-long dream of visiting Athens.

The flight from California to New York was completely smooth and uneventful. However, the travel agent booked our international flight too close to our arrival time, and we barely made the plane to Athens. Our luggage was not so lucky! We arrived in Athens without luggage. When it did make it there, it was inadvertently sent BACK to New York, so we were stuck in Greece for over four days with just the clothes on our backs. We kept in good humor as we shopped around Athens looking for something inexpensive to wear until our luggage made its appearance. As we trekked back to the airport each day looking for it, the thought occurred to us that we were looking pretty greasy. These first few days in Greece will always be remembered by me as the time I was Greasy in Greece.

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