Looking to do some Book Swapping?

One of my best friends, Tonya told me a few months ago about an awesome site that she came across. It’s called “Goodreads” and it’s awesome! I love it because not only can you make friends on there with others who love to read books just like you but you can also swap books on there too. The thing that is really neat is that if you have books that you have already read and don’t want them anymore or have no extra room in your house for them then you can go onto goodreads.com/swap and post your books. I have already sent 21 books out to different people and I have 25 books listed for people to look at the books that I have and if they want them then they make a request for them. All they have to pay for is the shipping…that’s it! So basically it’s like you get the book for a really cheap price. I have requested for a few so far and have gotten one in the mail so far. I can’t wait for the other books to come to me. That way I can read them and then swap them again for something else. It’s a really neat site for those who love to read and who are looking for cheap ways to find new books or old books they’d love to read. I highly suggest you go check the site out because if you are a book-a-holic then this site is perfect for you!

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