I’m such a…

I’m such a Pen hog!! I love to collect them and I have cups full of them all over the house. It seems like honestly I can never have enough of them even if they don’t look the best or write the best either. I have so many of the promotional pens that you receive if you go to say a car dealership, doctors office, or where ever you might find them. I like to snatch them up and claim I forgot to put them back. Yeah right, one of my best friends knows me too well and snatched up a few for me and I snatched up a few for her. We are both always out there looking for some of the best pens for us to write with and so we haven’t found them yet but one day I’m sure when we’re old and can’t write clearly we’ll find it. LOL But I can’t wait until I go to Maryland because I might be heading to the Aquarium and I want to get one there. 🙂 Life is so good!

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