Eye Creams

As I get older each year I try and do something different with how I take care of my body. I have been recently thinking of starting to use some kind of eye cream to help prevent me from looking “old.” Hehehe…

I think that I’ve been very lucky in getting my parents genes and not looking my age at all but still there are times that I do wish I looked older. I miss not getting carded and I wish that I didn’t look like I was just fresh out of high school. I can honestly remember this one time that I went to pick up my brother from school when he was still at Northern and I was asked by one of the assistant principals where my hall pass was. I responded of course I don’t need one and he proceeded to argue with me until I told him that I graduated in 1999 and that I didn’t need one and was picking up my brother. I still to this day remember who it was but thank goodness he retired this year! It was about time too. I really want to stay young looking but not that young looking.

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