New Canon Camera?

I’ve had my Canon camera now for a year and a half and feel like I’ve already outgrown it. I’m ready to go ahead and upgrade to a Canon 5D or a Canon 50D but until the prices go down I’ll be sticking with my Canon XS. Now if I had the money I’d go ahead and purchase the 5D and then get the several lens that I would like to have like the 85mm or the Tamron 17-50mm. Those are the two main lenses that I’ve been looking into but they are both super expensive and so that’s what is holding me back. I really would love to do photography more often but with the busy schedule that I have and being a single mom it’s been hard and I’m not sure if I can do it until Olivia calms down some. 🙂 We shall see now won’t we? She has already grown up a lot this year and I can’t wait until the future to see what happens next. If you had enough money what camera would you upgrade to?

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