I promise I’m not dead!


Life this spring and summer seems to be getting busier and busier for us. This spring as you know we went to Disney World for a week. It was a lot of fun, hot but fun! Besides Olivia getting sick the 2nd to last day we were there it was a great and fun adventure and something that we plan on trying to repeat if not every year but every other year. Another thing that we have been busy with is Olivia graduating from Kindergarten and getting ready to have her dance recital. The dance recital was last week on June 11th. She did a wonderful job too! She danced to Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Do Do Run. She and her class were awesome! Olivia did very well too considering that her class didn’t dance until number 13 and 23. When the recital was finished she was exhausted. All of the dance classes did a wonderful job!!! I was definitely a proud mama when Olivia danced in front of all those people. I never thought that she would do it but she had a lot of confidence. The dance teachers did an amazing job too especially with the younger children.



We have already made one trip to Richmond to visit my cousin and her family and we have already gone to Kings Dominion. Olivia and I rode as many rides as we could. The one ride that I say that I won’t ever do it again is the 3D Spongebob Square Pants Simulator Ride. I didn’t not like that at all. I like simulators but not 3D simulators. Bad idea for me. The one problem that we had was the fact that Olivia wanted to ride all of the bigger rides and she couldn’t because she wasn’t tall enough. The height requirement was 48″ and she is only 42 1/2″. Stinks too but that’s ok. One day she’ll get tall enough to ride them. I can’t wait until we can go again with my cousin and her family. 🙂

And to top it off Olivia went to Church Camp this past week and came home yesterday. I am trying to line up some fun things for her to do this summer. Yesterday I went to Crystal’s Elite Dance Studio to sign Olivia up for Acrobatics Camp in July and also for Acrobatics/Tumbling for the fall. 🙂


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