Orlando Vacations

As most of you know that about 1 month ago Olivia and I took a wonderful Orlando vacation to Walt Disney World. It was so much fun and I just actually just got finished editing most of the pictures that we wanted to share. Now comes the task of getting them online and ordered for prints. Some of them are very cool and very sentimental for us too. Considering that it was Olivia’s first visit to Florida and to Disney World. I hope that the next time that we go it will be much cooler and also that there won’t be a large crowd too. I might even try and spring for the free dining if we stay at a moderate resort like Port of Orleans or Caribbean Beach Resort. Just something to rely on when we go right? And if not then what we could do is just go to Pop Century Resort and get the upgraded version of the Deluxe Dining Plan instead. These are just thoughts of what I’d love to do on the next trip but that is over a year away and we’ll have to see at that point if we can do it again!

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