Feels Like Summer is Here

I have to say that this year has already flown by so quickly. It doesn’t feel like spring here either it this week and this past weekend has felt more like summer. Yesterday and Today especially since we have hit the low 90’s. Geesh! I wasn’t expecting that at all. The only problem that I seem to be having a problem with is now the small bout of acne that I normally will get if I get real stressed or if the weather changes drastically like it has here because I’ve been sweating and that always causes breakouts for me. Well I was searching online for a natural remedy for acne and found a few that I can try. I don’t want to get anything that will cost a lot of money because here lately we’ve been pinching pennies getting ready to go on our big trip in May. I can only hope and pray that I won’t have any breakouts while in Florida that would be awful!

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