We’re Going on a Vacation!!!

Last Friday I did it. I booked our trip to Disney World and I can’t wait for us to leave and go!! This is something that I have worked hard to do and to take Olivia to see her Snow White and Princesses. We are flying down to Orlando on May 2nd and coming back on May 7th. I have done several things to get ready for this trip already like I purchased a Vera Bradley Hipster Purse when it was on sale sometime last week for only $19 (normally $56) and it came in the mail yesterday. Yay! I love it too! Next I have been grabbing things from the Dollar Tree like crayons, coloring books and different activities that we can do while on the plane down to Florida. Now the debate for bringing a stroller has been high at first I was going to bring one and then I changed my mind quickly on not bringing one thinking that if I needed one that I could rent one. Well then I heard from a few online message boards that the price of renting one has gone up and it’s better just to bring your own. So today at lunch time I ordered Olivia a nice one offline for a really can’t beat it price. I got a Combi Flare ST Cherry one and honestly I didn’t pay that much for it either. I can’t wait to get it so that I can try it out before we leave. After we return we will probably just sell it on Craigslist or something like that. I do have a Maclaren one but I paid a great deal of money for that one and if it disappears while we’re in the parks then I will be out of that money. So that’s why I went for the Combi one instead.

Ok back to the plans for the trip…We are staying at Disney’s All Star Movies Resort and we can’t wait to go. Olivia has been talking about the trip now since I went booked it. This was a deal that we couldn’t refuse at all and I am stoked about going too. I might try and head down to Smithfield soon to go to the Crocs store down there for a pair for me and Olivia for the trip. Or I could always check Amy’s Hallmark tomorrow after I get off work. But this deal that I booked is that if you stay 6 days/5 nights in a Disney World Value Resort then they gave you a $300 Gift Card. WOW! I am going to have that with us when we leave on the trip so that we can actually get some souviners and also do a few other things like maybe a tea party with Alice and the Mad Hatter or maybe something at Disney World itself. Just a few things to think about before we go but we do have reservations to eat with some of the Disney Princesses in Norway while we’re there. I will be taking down my Canon XS with me because it’s also going to be the week for International Flower and Garden Festival and it should be beautiful. Plus we are going to do the Disney Photopass as well. So much to do to get ready in really a months time. 🙂 I can’t wait and I will be updating you more on what is happening with the trip plans and preparations. But it’s almost 11pm and I guess I should get to bed now. Good night all!

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