Just a lazy kind of day!

Today has been a lazy kind of day. I got up this morning around 7am
but didn't go downstairs until around 8:30. Yes it was a good start to
a lazy day I have to say. Well after I fixed breakfast for Olivia and
I we ate it and then we got dressed for the day. Right after Olivia
got dressed she was picked up by her grandparents and went off for a
day of shopping and spending the day with her daddy. Then I let the
dog out and then came back in to do some reviews on my review site and
to also do more research on Disney World. Yes I said it…Disney
World. I am trying to make plans for taking Olivia to Disnry World
this year and I'd love to take her for her birthday but if I don't get
to then at least sometime this year. Ok so back to my lazy kind of
day. Not long after finishing up on the computer did I make the
decision to put up Olivia's flower wall lamp that we got last Saturday
while at Ikea. She has begged me all week to put it up and so I did it
for her this afternoon. Then is when the lazy day started for good. I
made myself a nice pork tenderlion sandwich and had some doritos and
watched tv..lifetime channel. That channel is addicting for sure.

After that I decided to go up and take a nice nap. Yay for a lazy kind
of day. Guess tomorrow will turn out to be a good day too!!

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