I know that I’ve been talking a lot about losing weight but since it’s the beginning of the year a lot of people are looking for ideas on how to lose weight. I know that for me I want to lose over 60lbs this year and I know it’s doable but with the kinds of foods I’m eating its not going to get me anywhere. I’m reading several books on foods that burn fat and which ones to avoid. Tonight I’m going to eat a Caesar salad and maybe some veggies and tomorrow night I’m having a pork tenderloin. I’m cooking it too and can’t wait!!! But eating out is killing me on the whole diet thing. I think tomorrow I am going to go to subway and get a veggie delight on wheat bread since it’s a little healthier than eating at Bojangles and McDonald’s! I’m just looking now for healthy recipes that are super easy to make too! if you have any ideas let me know!!!

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