As many of you know Olivia was diagnosed almost 2 years ago with having ADHD. She was showing a lot of the adhd symptoms early on and since she was getting ready to start Pre-K it was important that she get tested. We had a lot of behavioral problems with her and now that she has been diagnosed and put on the right medicine it’s been heaven. I never wanted to put her on the medicines but after the things she did in school I knew it would be the only fair thing to her to do. She now is one of the brightest kids in her class, is doing a lot of work that others are not doing and she is getting excellent grades. I’m so greatful for a best friend who told me what the symptoms were and how to get them checked out by the right people. I’m now also not only dealing with her ADHD but I too a year ago was diagnosed with ADD. It runs in the family and so it’s nothing new to me just a new thing to deal with each and every day. But I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

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