Living in the Country

We do live in the country and we absolutely love it. I remember when we first moved down to North Carolina from Columbia, Maryland that we were really in shock because there was nothing around us. We had to literally drive to the mall (which technically we did in MD too but we also took the trails around town too to get there on our bikes), and we had to drive to the grocery stores too instead of rollerblading there and bike riding. Ugh! It was so frustrating but the good thing about living in the country is that we live on 3 acres of land, we have a large home with a total of 5 bedrooms and 3 full baths and 1 half bath. We are able to have animals and we also have a well to get our water and don’t have to pay for the water like we did if we lived in the city. The only thing that is kind of a down side to the well water is that sometimes you have to have a water softener because the minerals that are in the water are too harsh for us to drink or use. I don’t remember if we have a water softener for our home but I know several people who do have one and they absolutely love theirs. Living in the country rocks too because you can set off fireworks and not get in trouble like you would if you lived in the city and it’s not too populated out here either! Score in my opinion!!!

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