Happy Birthday Keali!

Today we had a party at my house for my niece Keali’s 1st Birthday! I can’t believe that she is already a year old and she’s walking and into everything. She’s cute as a button and she’s adorable for sure. She’s also a Mama’s girl because if her mommy walks out of the room and Keali realizes she’s gone she starts to cry. I definitely remember those days and I do miss them but one day I’ll have another child. Olivia was showing some signs of jealousy and she also was super tired too. I’m glad the party went good and Keali loaded up on clothes and toys. I wonder how she’s going to do this Christmas too.

This weekend along with the party I’m also dog sitting for my sister. She’s at a good friends wedding in Charlotte this weekend and asked me if I could watch her dog Tonka. Man he’s a beast. He’s an English Bulldog and he’s a strong dog too. I could never have a dog that intimidated my 5 year old because Olivia is scared of him. She runs and as he’s running after her she is almost in tears. I will say my sister does have patience for him unlike me who does not. I have patience for kids and other animals like a lab (hershey our Chocolate lab). I have been doing some thinking on getting another puppy but it will be after our dog Hershey passes away. We’ve had him for almost 13 yrs and he’s 91 yrs old in dog years. It’s something to think about though because I know a little girl who will be quite upset if she comes home one day and Hershey’s not here.

It’s been a long day having to get up early this morning to start on things for the party and let the dog out early. I’m getting ready to take him out one last time and then go upstairs to watch a movie that I got from netflix today. Yay!

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