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Oxfarm America Unwrapped Blog Tour…Helping others!

Do you ever think about what happens to those around the world and let alone in America? I sometimes wonder about what other families go through in different parts of the country and the world because not everyone is as lucky as I am to have a roof over top of my head. I am given free education with no problem and I also get to have a good time with not worrying too much about where my food is going to come through and also where my clothes are going to come through. But there are people out there in the world who have to worry about that and I like to help those who are less fortunate than myself and my family. Whether it’s donating my time or my clothes or food to those who less fortunate than I am. Well there is a wonderful website that helps out with that as well. It’s called “Oxfarm America Unwrapped“. It’s a site where you can donate but instead of just donating money you will be donating a gift to a family. I’m going to use this as an example. Say you donate a gift of $40, you can choose a dozen of baby chicks and what you provide for a HIV/AID’s-affected households with a starter flock to help produce eggs, generate income and improve the families nutrition. That’s a wonderful gift to give to a family who needs it more than we do! I think it’s really cool because it’s helping those who really need it and will be able to provide for thier family.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Oxfam America Unwrapped and received a credit for a gift on the Oxfam site.”

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