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Fat Burners

Tonight was a pretty busy night for me. I had to leave work, rush to pick up Olivia from daycare, feed her, get her dressed for dance then take her back to Rocky Mount for dance class. You’d think that I would be thin as can be with all of the running around that we do in a week but I’m not. I think there’s something wrong with my metabolism or that I need something to help with using fat burners or something. I just want to lose weight but can’t seem to get a handle on it. I’ve often thought about joining the YMCA but right now just can’t afford it. I wish I could get a years worth of membership for Christmas to go but I know that will never happen. Ugh. I just really want to go and lose all of this fat that I have. I’m trying to eat right and drink right but sometimes it’s really tough. Tomorrow I’m going to try and bring my lunch so that I can go ahead and not spend any kind of money too! We shall see though. Plus I’m definitely thinking of starting back with either walking every evening if its not too cold out and trying to use my workout dvd’s on super cold days. It’s a start but I do wish I was a lot thinner than I am now!!!

*I was paid for this review but its my honest opinion!*

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