My New Favorite Store!!!

So today I went up to Raleigh with my mom who had to return a pair of shoes and also get a pair of tennis shoes while up there too since she had some coupons that had to be used. Well I have officially found my new favorite store!!! It’s REI and I love that store!!! Not only did I find things for myself but I also found cute winter boots for her and also cute snow bibs as well. Plus something that I love about this store is you pay $20 for a year membership and you get all of these cool discounts and coupons and savings throughout the year! Something to definitely look forward to! I found two jackets in there that I really like but they were full price and I just don’t have the extra money to purchase them right now. They are both made by The North Face and I really wanted the Denali style one but put it back because I used my extra cash that I had this month to make an extra credit card payment. So worth it to me!!! So it looks like possibly I’ll have to take a day off after Thanksgiving or even Christmas to go up to Raleigh to shop. Not only do I want one of the jackets but I also am going to purchase me an iPod Touch as well. Something that I’d love to have but just don’t have the extra money right now. A lot of my extra money that I’ve been getting from work I’ve been putting away and saving it for Christmas and also to purchase a vehicle that will be better on gas miles. So I will just have to be patient for sure which if you know me I just am an impatient person. I’m only praying that I will be able to purchase the few things that Olivia would like for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving. I keep checking online for those black friday ad’s to come available to us. I’m hoping that it will be soon so that I can start putting some money away for that!!! Well sorry for this being super long but I just wanted to share those few things with you all!

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