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Now that school is back in session I have to say that there are many things that Olivia and I have not done and that is keep up with what she learned last year in PreK. Well I was very excited when we were chosen to give our brains a workout using Brainfuel4kids online. It was a very helpful site that gave us ideas to use on Olivia in helping her maintain her learning skills and maintaining what she has learned from school. Olivia recently is getting in the mood for learning to read and using the brainfuel4kids online site we’ve been able to help her out some. Not only does this site have some great ideas but it also has on there brain games that you and your child can play. I’ve played a few of the games myself and let me say that you don’t think that you’d have to use a lot of your brain but these put you to the test for sure. There were some things that I just honestly couldn’t figure out. I know I’ve gotten lazy in my time but some of the questions and things were a little difficult even for me. Who knew learning to use your brain could be hardwork yet fun? The site also had some very helpful tips on how to continue to retrain (learn) your brain. It’s really need too because I absolutely love to learn new tricks for helping maintain my train of thought (memory too).

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of BrainFuel and received an insulated lunch bag from California Innovations to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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