Aldi, Open House and More…

Today was Olivia’s Open House at School. She met her teacher today and is so excited because one of her friends, Zach is not only in her class but they will ride the morning bus together. Yes I’m putting Olivia on a bus this year but only in the morning because I won’t be home for her when she gets finished with school. She is beyond excited and she can’t wait for school to begin. She will begin her first day on Wednesday August 27th!!!

After that we came home and got Olivia ready for her appointment with the ENT. She had a great checkup and got the thumbs up that the tubes are working. She also is not fully allergic to Milk so we got the OK to give that to her as well. Yes! No Dr’s note for school this year unless something changes. After that we headed over to Aldi’s and picked up a few things. One thing you have to remember about Aldi is that you have to have a quarter for a cart and you have to bring your own bags. Not a problem though for sure. But the great thing that I love about Aldi is that they have Gallons of Milk for $1.50 and they have eggs for $.69!! Sweet deal there if you ask me. Some of their other products are good too but some of them you don’t know if you should try them or not. I got out with only paying $13 for a bunch of things from there. Looks like we’re going to get our milk from there from now on. Tonight I made dinner and it was so good too. We had Tuna Helper although Dad wasn’t going to be home which turned out to be good because he doesn’t eat seafood. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. It was a good change for once. Plus Tonya got me hooked on that stuff too!

Well that’s all that I can think of now but I’m sure I’ll think of something else in just a minute. 🙂 I always do!!!

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