Olivia had an appointment on Monday with her ENT and we found out that she has to endure another surgery this coming up Thursday. She’ll be getting her third set of tubes although she is excited and scared at the same time. She honestly is ready to get better because she has been dealing with an ear infection for over a month now. She’s ready to have some summer fun as well!

Well other than planning the surgery we have really been up to nothing. I’m trying to see if my brother will bring over his daughter, Keali so that Olivia and I can take her out and maybe even go take some pictures of her at City Lake and another place. I know that they would have a good time doing it too. Plus to have those pictures as keepstakes then I’m all for it!! Well we’re still out of AC upstairs but hopefully will be having that fixed sometime next week. It’s like when it rains it pours at our house. I ended up going to Lowes and purchasing a new ceiling fan because mine was on it’s last leg. LOL. Here is what it looks like:

Other than that life is just staying busy. Planning on going to Kings Dominion again soon after Olivia’s surgery. 🙂

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