Accepted the Offer

Remember on Tuesday how I stated that I went on an interview with a local chiropractors office? I had interviewed them in the past? Well this morning I received a phone call and they extended an offer out to me. I’m so excited too because I really wanted that position. I’ll be making more money than I would be if I went with the other company by $.50 but hey that’s more money in my pocket. Well I accepted the position and I will begin on April 14th at 9am. I’m still going to be doing my photography since I’ll have the weekends off and still not too sure what time I will get off but will find out in 1 1/2 weeks. I’m very excited about this opportunity because I will be an insurance clerk which is what I went to school for. Who knows how many people interviewed for the job but I did it. I finally am going to be working outside of the home and get some interaction with others. Plus I might be able to go out to lunch with some of my friends since I’ll be close to everything. Another good thing about this job is I won’t have to wear any super nice clothing. I will get to wear scrubs which is something that I have been wanting to do for as long as I can remember. God is good and I know he helped me through in getting this job. Prayer does work!!!

Ok well I’m going to go call a few more people for work then head out early. Need to pick up Olivia and then I’m meeting Robin for a girls night out. It’s a celebration dinner!

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