Turning a Page with Leslie Patricelli


Team Mom has come up with so many cool things for us to review and I always love it when we get children’s books to review. Not only is it educational for Olivia to receive books but it also helps build her library as well which we will have to use once she’s in kindergarten. We received two books to review; Higher! Higher! and Baby Happy Baby Sad written by Leslie Patricelli. After we received the books Olivia chose to read Baby Happy Baby Sad first which she loves because it’s helping her learn to read. And the Higher! Higher! is awesome because it reminds Olivia of when she’s swinging high on her swingset, just like the little girl in the book.

As a parent I have enjoyed reading both books to Olivia because not only are they fun but their educational by helping a child learn to read. There’s not a lot of words all on one page so it works out great for her. She now will sit down with the Baby Happy Baby Sad book and try to read it on her own. I know she’ll get it soon before the summer is over with. I also have to say that the illustrations in both books are amazing. They fit each page just right and makes the book special in a way of representing the author. Leslie Patricelli is the Author and the illustrator and she did an amazing job of writing the books and drawing the pictures. I couldn’t have done it any better myself and I love to draw, color and write. I highly recommend these books and especially the author, Leslie Patricelli. They provide fun, adventure and learning for all those little ones out there.

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