Yanni Voices Album Review

Remember about a month and a half ago I posted a review of the Yanni Voices Special that was airing? Well I was recently sent a copy of the Yanni Voice Album to review. When I first received the album I went ahead and popped it into the CD player of my computer. I was a little surprised that at first my reaction was good and then when it started getting further into the CD I really didn’t care for some of the songs on there. They were either way too slow or they put me to sleep. I do like the cd but it’s not my favorite. I know that my favorite singers on this album happen to be Leslie Mills and Ender Thomas. Along with the CD came a bonus DVD. I played that and actually enjoyed it. It turned out to be much better than I thought it would be. Plus it did show Yanni who is a great man in all. I like his songs and enjoy listening to them when I am trying to go to sleep. They are peaceful sounding which in all I sometimes need to settle down before going to sleep. Overall the Yanni Voices CD is not so bad if you like classical, relaxing music, but I would not suggest listening to this in the car, at least for me that is.

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