Another Job Interview Today

Today I had another job interview with a local Chiropractics office. I had interviewed with them last November (2008) and they really loved me but decided to hold off on the hiring. Well today I did the interview and I think it went great! I will hear back from them tomorrow on a few questions I had like the hours and the pay. And they will call the person they are hiring on Friday. For some reason I have a good feeling about this job so I’m keeping my prayers going and my fingers crossed. I know that the right job will come along for me but honestly since I’ve been going to church and the bible study I have noticed that my confidence level has gone up.

I have another job interview tomorrow morning at 11:30am. If I don’t get the job I went to today then I will have maybe another one lined up. You never know. Well let me go. Have to send a thank you email to the Chiropractor that I interviewed with today.

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