We received snow today. It’s so nice too but it’s really hard to believe that it’s the 2nd day of March. Only 6 more days until my birthday and 4 days until I leave for Maryland! I so cannot wait either. I am taking a Mini Vacation without Olivia this weekend while she’ll be staying with her daddy. I realized that I need a small break and this is the way to do it.

Ok back to the snow. Even though Olivia has been sick I have agreed to take her outside in a little bit and allow her to play in the snow. We won’t be out there much though because she has already missed so much school as it is but it’s all excused since she was so sick last week and then hospitalized. So stay tuned for some pictures for sure later when I update. It’s been almost a month since I have last taken a picture and that was for Melissa’s wedding. Pictures are to come soon for that too!

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