Whew! What a busy weekend!

This past weekend was extremely busy for me. I had Terry pick up Olivia on Friday because I had the rehearsal and dinner to go to for my friend Melissa’s wedding. I’ve never eaten at The Exchange in Downtown before but I will definitely be going there more often. It was so good that’s for sure! Then I went home and got some rest because I’ve been fighting this cold now for a good solid week. It’s sure gotten ahold of me for sure though. If I’m not feeling any better by tomorrow I’ll go to the doctors. 🙁 But anyways, I got up early on Saturday because I had to take a shower, get ready and head to Walmart to pick up some batteries for my external flash for the wedding. Plus I had to be at the church at noon so that only left enough time to get dressed and ready with makeup on and head out the door to witness walmart in all its glory with everyone getting things for Valentine’s Day.

The wedding went well and the pictures are almost all edited. I took well over 330 pictures and yes I’ve been busy editing them because I shot the entire thing in RAW format. Dee. But there were a few that did not turn out right but all in all I think that they all turned out beautiful. Plus there was a beautiful bride there too and we all had a good time. I am glad that I got to shoot this wedding and after the bride views the pictures then I will be able to post a few up but until then you’re going to have to be patient in viewing them.

Then on Sunday I got up and went to my best friends church. It was good but definitely different compared to what I have been to lately. I was going to go to my parents church that night to watch the movie Fireproof but just never got around to it. Then yesterday I went to take Olivia to daycare and instead she stayed home with me because you have to have them there no later than 9:30am and we got stuck by the train for over 20 minutes so she had to stay home with me yesterday. Oh I was no not excited about that. I was in a bad mood too yesterday so that was not helping things at all. I did however have Olivia in bed and asleep by 7:30pm last night. It was great!

This weekend I’m planning on heading to Maryland to visit with one of my best friends and we are probably (depending on the weather of course) going to take Olivia to the National Zoo. It’s some place she’s been wanting to go see the elephants and the monkeys. So we shall see. If it happens to be raining then we’ll take her to the Aquarium in Baltimore or to the Science Museum up there. We shall see though and so can’t wait for that!

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