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Yanni Voices

Some of you may already know but I love to listen to classical and relaxing music every now and then. It helps me unwind at the end of a really stressful day. Well thanks to One2One Network I was lucky enough to find out about this great new music cd coming out called Yanni Voices. It’s 4 amazing voices who can definitely sing to Yanni’s music. Yanni has been around for years and I have always liked his music but now I like it even more because with these four singers Leslie Mills, Chloe, Nathan Pacheco and Ender Thomas. They have brought together a new sound to Yanni’s music and have even helped out with the new music cd which is to be released on March 24th. I know that I am definitely going to get the cd for sure. Some of the songs you are able to listen to online and they have a great beat to them and honestly I think I have found my new cd to listen to at night before bedtime and even put in the car on those stressful days that I’m ready to throw one of Olivia’s toys out the window. I know we all must have one of those days and have almost thrown something out the window but instead took it away for 2 months instead. Hahaha. And honestly if you like listening to Josh Groban or Charlotte Church or yes even Yanni then you should check these four singers out on PBS on March 2nd and even see them on tour starting April 10th. Another thing that you can check out before the special on PBS is a cool video. I will be watching the special for sure on March 2nd and I think that you should too. Check them out right now online. You might be surprised that you like them too. I’m listening online as we speak and it’s very relaxing for sure.

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