Loving The Program

I recently got Adobe Photoshop CS4 and love it. I have to say that it is a wonderful program and honestly it’s so user friendly compared to the other ones except for Adobe Photoshop Elements 6. Well last night I was playing around with it and have seen so many photographers do the Chocolate B&W Photos and thought that I would give it a shot. Not too sure if it came out right but I loved the result. Going to play around more with my camera today after I get ready for the day and well take some shots of myself. I might head to city lake or something like that. And this afternoon going to take a nap for sure!!! I’m so sleepy and I just want to go back to sleep but when you have a child that is an early riser its hard to get them to lie back down for just a few minutes so that you can get an extra few minutes of sleep. Olivia will be going with her daddy today and tonight and I’m so grateful that he’s taking her. I need a break and she needs some time with just him. She’ll come home tomorrow. Now what should I do tonight?


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